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Posted by Serving in Love on November 30, 2012

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Helping Others

Posted by Serving in Love on September 14, 2012

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What a week!!!

Posted by Serving in Love on April 2, 2012


Thursday – Gas Blast!!  4:30 pm –  UNTIL WE RUN OUT.  VP Goyer and Boulevard  in Kokomo the price of gas is going DOWN  – Be in line!!

Friday, April 6, 2012
Good Friday ABSOLUTELY FREE chicken & noodle meals at the Activity Building behind Morning Star (11am – 2pm). Dine-in only


Friday, April 6, 2012
Good Friday service of reflection @ Oakbrook Church on S. Dixon (7pm)


3 exciting worship celebration options:
Traditional Service (9:00 – 10am)
Contemporary Service (10:30 – 11:30am)
Contemporary Service (11:45am – 12:45pm).


Child care available for the contemporary services only.


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Valentine Serving Opportunity – Cell Phones for Soldiers

Posted by Serving in Love on January 29, 2012


The Gathering is providing a service event every month in 2012 – so that you can put action behind your faith and actually put the training (see the Primer page above and contact us for SE training for your Church).  Our hope is to train 1000 people in north central Indiana to Show God’s love in a practical way – Servant Evangelism.  For February, we are working with Cell Phones for Soldiers.  A group that connects military families through using donations of old cell phones to create calling cards.  We are part of an effort to get one-million phones donated and pay for 10,000 calls home on Valentine’s Day.  Our teams are “Gathering” your donated phone -or asking you to donate yourself in 8 Indiana counties.  As of this posting, we have collected 246 of our 500 phone goal.

There is still time to donate your old cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers.  The Gathering has added our new outreach team at St. Luke’s in Indianapolis in our drive to support a long-standing mission of AT&T is helping connect military families initiated in 2004 by then 14-year-old Brittany Bergquist and her 13-year-old brother Robbie, uses funds from recycled cell phones to buy prepaid phone cards for active duty military members – to help connect them with their families.

Through generous donations and the recycling of used cell phones from drop-off sites across the country, Cell Phones for Soldiers has already raised more than $1 million and distributed more than 75 thousand phone cards to soldiers overseas.

In support of these young visionaries—and the many military families they support — AT&T has donated 60,000 prepaid phone cards to the nonprofit organization, so they can send more cards to military members. Additionally, AT&T is now offering all 2,000-plus company-owned wireless store locations across the country as drop-off sites to help recycle used cell phones for the program.

How can you show God’s love in a practical way?  Listed below are area AT&T drop off zones.  Just drop off your phones or call us and we will pick them us (we also use FreeCycle Groups as well) – but either way mention “The Gathering” .  If you do, Chaplains will deliver our donated cards for us – with the message that this opportunity to call loved ones on Valentine’s Day is our way of demonstrating God’s love.  Here’s the list:

2902 W 86TH ST STE 80 INDIANAPOLIS MARION IN 46268 (317) 415-1515

5025 E 82ND ST STE 600 INDIANAPOLIS MARION IN 46250 (317) 558-4000



2174 E 116TH ST CARMEL HAMILTON IN 46032 (317) 575-8518

1114 S. 17TH ST SPACE H11A  KOKOMO HOWARD IN 46902 (765) 452-1344


Don’t forget our Pizza deliveries to Emergency Responders on Super Bowl Sunday……we have over 80 deliveries to do and we have over 60 Servants involved!!  But we could do more if we get more help – and it is a way for you to learn more about Servant Evangelism…..Just call our hotline of email us at this link.

Our shuttle is still going to and from Indy daily.  Shuttle 1 leaves Kokomo at 6 am and returns at 4 pm or Shuttle leave Tipton (28 and 31) at 6:30 am and returns at 5 pm from Indy.  Need a ride?  Want to Share?  Contact “The Gathering”.

Finally, we have met with several churches this week to partner in creating community centers, provide free garden plots, and even provide healthy life choices directly from neighborhood perspectives….very exciting!!  We envision neighbors growing food, preparing healthy meals  and learning how to incorporate nutrition and more healthy lifestyles.  All absolutely free – just like Gods love.  Donations of tools, machinery, ground, seeds and people have already been secured ……so stay tuned to see how you can help grow God’s love in a practical way.

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January Serving Opportunity

Posted by Serving in Love on January 19, 2012

Just a reminder that our January Servant Evangelism Applicable Training (SEAT) event is tomorrow –  FRDIAY, JANUARY 20th  Chili Cook-Off at CAM .  In garage of Family Hope Center (east of CAM house) Set up at 4:00.  All chili there by 4:30.  And we serve at 5:00-6:00.  We still need saltine crackers and toliet paper – so those of you in the “Gathering Givings” group this is your opportunity as well.

Our small groups will leave from our churches in Tipton (Rock Baptist) at 3:30 and from Noblesville at 3:00.  Kokomo Teams meet Darrin at the Family Hope Center.

This is your opportunity to put your faith into action.  The Gathering has organized one outreach every month that is specifically designed to allow you to actually practice what you feel called to do – so all of you with a heart for the homeless who want to show God’s love in a practical way …..this is for you!!

We are already starting our February outreach event working with AT&T Pioneers.  So far we have over 100 cell phones collected, but we need 150 more before February 7th.  Jim Hopkins and Valerie Smith are heading this up.  The drive is targeting businesses in Carmel and Kokomo every Tuesday.  So those servants who are in the small groups in either area – just conatact us and we will get you all ready to serve.  So far 18 people have been able to learn about how to turn discarded cell phones into a special Valtines gift for our military…..Showing God’s love in a special way.

AT&T Pioneers and long-time charitable collaborator Cell Phones for Soldiers Inc., a 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing free calls home to deployed armed forces, have teamed up to keep active duty military personnel connected to loved ones for Valentine’s Day. This year, 30,000 service men and women will receive a precious call home and a special Valentine courtesy of AT&T Pioneers and Cell Phones for Soldiers as a tribute to their sacrifice and service to the nation. As part of a larger effort, the AT&T Pioneers are distributing more than 65,000 calling cards to active military members.

Each year, AT&T Pioneers collect cell phones benefitting Cell Phones for Soldiers and also prepare and send thousands of care packages to troops serving overseas, greet soldiers at airports and host various events to recognize the sacrifice of military members and their families.

Don’t forget our Super Bowl Parties at “The Connection” at Morning Star Church for the MHA…..and our “First Responders” Super Bowl pizza deliveries as well.  If you want to help just call MSC – and they will hook you up!

We believe that we are called to move into our neighborhoods and show God’s love in a practical way.  And while we encourage you to worship and commune with your church, meet with your fellow Gatherers, and give of your time, talents and treasurers…..we all need to get itno the field and put it into practice.  This is how we reach the unsaved and train ourselves.  If you are one of the 974 people who viewed our pages so far this month, look at our page SE Primer on the tabs above.  If you want to learn more and serve abundantly, click any link and contact us. 

See you tomorrow!!!

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Bearry Important People

Posted by Serving in Love on January 6, 2012

Thank you!!  All the Teddy Bears are in hospital emergency rooms ….and although we hope we never need them – we have all we ever need thanks to our supporters.

 Next we are preparing to deliver 45 pizzas to Fire Stations and EMTs all over the 7 Counties.  Churches in Peru, Loagnsport, Kokomo, Tipton and Noblesville will be visiting local Papa Johns and Dominos to pick up and deliver the goods for a special Super Bowl Party.

We also have hundreds of sodas and bottled water thank to a donation from Coke and……we are sticking around at the various Firehouses and ERs to serve the First Responders and clean up the mess.

Pizzas and Big Screens are going to area homeless shelters as well.

Finally we are working with Friends at the Walker Center in Indy to take 50 families to the Family Friendly Super Bowl Village —the “Epicenter of Awesome”— in downtown Indianapolis from January 27 through February 5.  The visit includes two separate stages featuring local and international music talents such as Dierks Bentley, LMFAO, Patti Labelle, Fuel, Darius Rucker, Sixpence None the Richer, and much more. Countless other free activities will be in place to keep families entertained and it won’t cost anything, we’ll do the driving and parking and the families will have a time to remember.  Each of our counties are setting up rides and enlisting servants to make it happen.  Call the contact line or click on the link to either sign your family up or to volunteer.  We have some special Colts keepsakes for volunteers.  

Thanks to Grace, Rock Prairie, and Crossroads for vehicles and fuel for the trips…..and our drivers from CAM.  We hope the MSC Van is fixed and ready to go (Ivy Tech is working on the transmission) also.

Finally, “The Gathering”  will be applying for CDBG Block Grants in Kokomo on February 8th.  Please plan to be at City Hall to support our request to provide funding for our JTF outreach.  We already received $6700 from Ivy Tech and WorkForce One who provide the certified training absolutely free to our enrolled clients.  4 people rode with us to fill out applications on Thursday of last week – 22 so far in January.  Morning Star Church  (MSC) has provided $100/month for fuel and a grant of $1000 to maintain our vehicles to get people connected with job opportunities in Indianapolis.  5 of the 22 have retun interviews and 7 expect to be hired.

Call us, email, join up – we are having a great time…..showing God’s love in a practical way.

Don’t forget 10,000 valentines for our men and women in uniform in February…..we will be working with the same group Valentines for Military Heroes – just follow the link and help.

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Needed: 7 Persons who are real “Teddy Bears”

Posted by Serving in Love on January 2, 2012

WOW!!  Breakout Sunday Gatherers went to 10 churches in the 7 county area and YOU responded.  We needed at least 300 new Teddy Bears to fulfill our obligation to provide a supply of free “Teddy Bears” at trauma hospitals and emergency rooms in the seven counties we serve in North-Central Indiana.  No single church was willing to provide the resources – and “The Gathering” has no resources for this outreach.  But it turned out we didn’t need a sponsor – we found dozens of caring people and even a corporate sponsor.  We only need 7 people to deliver the donated bears to the hospitals and to be the contact person if supplies dwindle to re-supply.  Contact us at a sponsor church, email, or call us if you will take on the opportunity to show God’s love in a practical way.

We seek to provide these huggable “Teddy Bears” to traumatized children in great stress…..and we want you to be the messenger.  Small things done with great love will change the world.  Ready, Fire, Aim!!!

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Epiphany Sunday – Breakout services

Posted by Serving in Love on December 31, 2011

The Gathering will be featured at our partner churches in Kokomo, Noblesville, Tipton and Peru this Sunday.  The Team leaders in Noblesville will be speaking and outreaching from Grace Community Church – so catch the special message and help us reach out to families in the Head Start Family day at Grace.  We are also presenting and recruiting in 4 other counties as we outreach with free drinks and fresh fruit (apples, oranges, grapes, figs, etc) at area malls to kick off our 2012 serving season. 

Meanwhile, our transportation (supported by Morning Star Church in Kokomo) is currently awaiting repairs.  The engine is fixed and running fine, but the transmission is struggling.  We still are the ONLY daily shuttle for hospital referrals (Rolando Fuentes at St Joseph Hospital and 211) and job interviews (free) as well as accepting commuters ($7 per round trip).  Our friends at Ivy Tech perform all the labor for free – but we need MSC and donations to keep the van – 235,000 miles – on the road for daily trips.  In December we did 21 ‘free’ hospital and job interview appointments.

We are setting up the Super Bowl ‘first responders’ free pizzas.  Area Emergency providers and Fire Stations will be getting “free” Super Bowl Sunday pizza deliveries.  Hopefully, there will be no emergencies to interrupt their watching plans.  We will also be providing special monthly appreciation gift to our North Central Indiana first-responders.

Area ER’s deal with children in incredible traumatic situations.  When the children are stabilized, “The Gathering” wanted to provide something ‘special’ to help the recovery.  So we have provided 120 Teddy Bears to hospital Emergency Rooms in the 7 county area….but we need about 200 more to have them available to children who wind up in Emergency Rooms this winter.  Call 765-438-4658 to donate or contact us at any of the partner churches in your community – just ask for “The Gathering” coordinator.  We also renewed the Serving in Love relationship with Kimberly-Clark and Pampers – so every New Year’s baby will get free Diapers – showing God’s love in a practical way.

Finally, 43 people enrolled in the WorkForce One/Ivy Tech certification classes through Coordinated Area Ministries (CAM) for free job training.  Looks like 2012 will be a great year for Servant Evangelism in North Central Indiana.  Breaking economic barriers to the abundant life God wants us to live – The Gathering is committed to showing God’s love in a practical way.  Email us or call us to help.  We need your time, talent and resources.  See you in the mission field!

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A new Servant Evangelism approach – “The Gathering” begins here January 1st

Posted by Serving in Love on December 10, 2011

(Exodus 12:16) And on the first day shall be a holy gathering, and in the seventh day there shall be a holy gathering for you.

This Serving in Love Blog is becoming a new Servant Evangelism Site called “The Gathering”.  We are a multi-church, ecumenical FBO dedicated to breaking barriers that prevent families from acheving abundant lives by showing God’s love in a practical – a TRUE servant evangelism outreach with NO STRINGS attached.  Click here for more information  – thegatheringrtf

We still work with everyone associated in SIL outreaches and with Morning Star Church – but now we have dozens of “Home Churches”, Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) and community resources.  We have active members in Tipton, Miami, Grant, Hamilton, Marion, Cass and of course, Howard Counties.  See you in January – Showing God’s love in a practical way.

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Much to be Thankful for…….

Posted by Serving in Love on November 6, 2011

thanksgiving2_hdr7This year the need is even greater.  In order to serve our friends at Head Start, Open Arms, the Women’s Shelter and several other neighborhood and community outreaches we will have requests from approximately 170 households to provide a Thanksgiving meal.  We also have over 70 additional requests from churches and agencies.  Add in the Darrough Chapel neighborhood and we are reaching out with over 270 complete dinners.

Along with the Turkey, we will supply everything for a a complete Thanksgiving dinner :

Large roasting throw away pans
Boxes of stuffing and instant potatoes
Large cans of green beans
Canned sweet potatoes
Cans of mushroom soup
French fried onions
Cake mixes
Cake frostings
Go shopping immediately! Purchase as many items from the list as you can and bring them to Morning Star Church on Sunday. The deadline for donations is November 20th.

Family Video helps every year!

For the 5th year, our friends at Family Video  and a few anonymous donors will help us by providing a Turkey for each family we can serve. So come on and help us out.
Showing God’s love in a practical way.

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